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Bedroom Design Tips Simple

March 27, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

1Bedroom Design Tips Simple

A dwelling would seem strange if the absence of a bedroom. Imagine if a house without a bed? The bedroom is like a second home for every occupant. therefore, in such rooms should be designed as comfortable as possible so that the occupants comfortable to linger in the bedroom.

As one of the options that can be applied in the design of the bedroom, the bedroom is simple. The bedrooms are simple will provide comfort for the occupants if the room is well maintained and neat. Intrigued by the simple bedroom? let us consider some of the following full review.

In the bedroom design simple, you can customize the design to the size of the room. If the room has a small size, the placement of furniture to be one of the solutions to provide space room appear more spacious. Problem furniture, can carry the furniture that has many benefits, as well as get rid of unused items in the room. Thus, a simple room space will seem more spacious.

2Modern Interior Model With Fur Rug Simple Bedroom Furniture Bedroom Simple Color Brown Modern

In addition to the functions of furniture, bedroom wall design also affect the room appear more spacious. To kenan room appear wider, can be applied wallpaper pattern of horizontal lines, coloring wallpaper is also noteworthy. It is recommended, avoid bright colors that make the room seem strange and dark.

In beautify the bedroom, you can apply some wall hangings and accessories in the room. Wall hangings can be lights that are attached to the walls, paintings and some accessories such as, guitar, trinkets samurai, as well as posters. On the bedside table can also be pinned light sleeper that will provide comfort to occupants when beristrahan at night.

Simple Modern Bedroom Furniture Color White Minimalist Simple Luxury Bedroom Furniture Color Brown Minimalist

Sign on the bedroom ceiling, for simple room, adopt a minimalist ceiling made of gypsum may be used as a reference for the residents. Due to the ceiling made of gypsum is able to absorb heat and to create a more airy and comfortable room.

Similarly lengakap information about simple bedroom design can be delivered. Hopefully the contents of the review can be a good reference in designing bedrooms are comfortable and harmonious. Good luck and hopefully useful.

Minimalist Wooden House Exterior Design Gallery 2015

March 26, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

1Minimalist Wooden House Exterior Design Gallery 2015

Well wooden house is inclined with a simple house, and even some say old-fashioned type of house in antiquity. But for this you do not outsmart one to interpret the wooden house despite this minimalist house made of wood all but in terms of sales value far seem to be more expensive than the usual minimalist home. And because of its expensive homes stretcher assessed from wooden structures and also guarantee weatherproof. For wooden house which is now usually made only for hiburaan alone, and like those in Europe. But despite that the house minimalist wood species is very much demand. Because of the structure of the house and also from an elegant impression in hasilkannya.
Minimalist Wooden House Exterior Design Gallery 2015
Simple Wooden House

Simple Wooden House

2Minimalist kind of wood it can be made from several parts of the room, the kitchen rooms, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and living room. Although the design of classic style then that’s what makes this type of timber houses are very much in demand and also favored by nature lovers. Well for those of you from the confused here are some picture of Exterior Design Minimalist Wooden House, as follows:

Minimalist Wooden House Exterior Design Gallery 2015
Japanese Style Wooden House

Japanese Style Wooden House
Modern Minimalist Wooden House

Modern Minimalist Wooden House
Minimalist Wooden House

Minimalist Wooden House

So is the end of my discussion of Minimalist Wooden House Exterior Design Gallery 2015 hopefully this design can give you a new inspiration for you. For this design of rumahanda.net and also look forward to other designs such as Minimalist Wooden House Interior Design Gallery 2015

Tips to Beautify Garden Home With Decorative Lighting 2015

March 25, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

1Tips to Beautify Garden Home With Decorative Lighting 2015

Maybe everyone was really like a beautiful garden and a comfortable home and certainly unsightly. A beautiful tamanrumah is greatly needed in a home page. But when the night also must look beautiful by adding bright lights and ornaments penempatnnya right way. For the lamp is very interesting to try and in use for the park. Many people also who have tried for the park at night is still beautiful with lights blaring around. And this time I’ve got tips to beautify your home gardens. For as this is the subject of tips and tricks that can be used as a reference in beautifying your garden, as follows:
Tips to Beautify Garden Home With Decorative Lighting 2015
Decorative Lighting Garden

2Decorative Lighting Garden

Tips to Beautify Garden Home With Decorative Lighting 2015

First Determining Home Garden Decoration
Well to park fairly broad enough you can add a natural stone decoration and garden fountain pond in order to look more beautiful and elegant to look at.

Pay attention to your Home Garden Furniture
Well if you want to add anything else you also can add chairs and tables for your yard and garden ornaments can be installed next to decorative lights as well. that can be made to relax while looking elegant and beautiful gardens and elegant.

Noting Form for Home Garden
When you decorate your garden, you can just see the garden area and shape as well and other things like these decorations you can make for your inspiration.

Easy Selection of Garden Plants Treated
Well for those of you who do not want to bear the loss because of poor crop quality, you can also use plants that are really good in terms of quality and easy to maintain.

Selection of decorative lights
In the selection of decorative lights try to use lights that use decorations that can protect from the rain because this garden lights located on the home page unobstructed, and also the selection of colors lights, sahakan bright and fitted with the condition of your home.

Similarly, a few tips from me hopefully what I say about Beautify Tips Home Garden With Decorative Lighting in 2015, could be a staple design you want and this design of rumahanda.net you also can see other designs are also more beautiful as Exterior Design Minimalist Wooden House Gallery 2015

Sample Rate Modern Minimalist House Design For You

March 23, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Sample Rate Modern Minimalist House Design For You

Owning a home is certainly a minimalist level all the dreams for the future with the family. And the model of minimalist home can be one great choice for survival in order to anticipate problems related to the lack of available land. And besides related minimalist house now become one of the main attraction for many people who crave samkin home design minimalist. Well even if you only have a minimal and limited land, you also do not need to worry because there are many offers home design minimalist level that suits you the minimal area of ​​the page.
Model House Minimalist Levels
Model Rumah Tingkat Minimalis
Model House Minimalist Levels

And as you can see in section minimalist house plans floor, terraced houses can also consist of one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. Try to minimize the barrier between the room a little. In order to comfort family gatherings can be done comfortably. For example, the kitchen and living room can be done without limiting the room. Then the second floor in the most minimal level floor plan consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Sample house minimalist levels are very diverse and can be tailored to your personal needs. And has two floors house very many benefits besides you can make the room a little wider as well you can design it properly. The ground floor you can use to create a family room, guest runag, as well as a lounge to the kitchen. As for the focus to the second floor bedroom and bathroom only.

And try to build a house platform with a fairly high position in order to create the impression of a spacious room and the addition of paint using a combination of bright colors so that the room looks more beautiful and lovely.

Minimalist House Design Level
Gambar Rumah Tingkat MinimalisPicture House Minimalist Levels

Picture House Minimalist Levels
Foto Rumah Tingkat MinimalisPhoto House Minimalist Levels

Photo House Minimalist Levels
Minimalist House Design Level

Minimalist House Design Level
Minimalist House Design Level 2 Floor

Minimalist House Design Level 2 Floor
Examples of Level Minimalist Home

Examples of Level Minimalist Home

From some pictures of this minimalist house tungkat hopefully you can creation and innovating ideas and imagination to build your dream house. This design you can see in rumahanda.net and you also can see a more luxurious home design again in the previous image of the Ideal Image Minimalist Home For Your Family

Insurance Dispute Resolution Phase Out of Court

March 10, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Referring to the data from the Financial Services Authority that insurance is a sector that most of the complaints from customers, then the insurance we need to give a brief description and easily to the reader to understand the dispute resolution process. More wise when the dispute settlement can be completed outside the court. How stages of the process? The following is a detailed description of our insurance:

First Stage Negotiations

In this negotiation phase will be explained the subject matter of the disagreement both parties that the customer and the insurance company. Usually disagreement originated from customers less concerned with the content of temporary insurance policy from the insurance company less detail in fostering its customers so that when there is a different understanding of the risks incurred. Basic negotiation is everything contained in the policy agreement.

Second Stage Mediation

Meidasi stage occurs manakal of both parties to the dispute is still not agreed in negotiations that require a third party as a mediator to provide advice to both parties that bersegketa. Suggestions mediator can be done inside and outside the court depending on the agreement and are not binding on both parties to follow or reject the suggestion.

Third Stage Conciliation

Mediation conciliation stage is a continuation of the basic laws governing the issues facing both sides. With this legal basis conciliator tends to put pressure on both sides to agree in accordance with the applicable provisions, if it is not going to be the next legal step.

Fourth stage of Arbitration for resolution.

Phase of arbitration is a step penyeleasian dispute through arbitration body. Problems disputes will be decided by the judge arbitration and both parties must comply with the judge’s decision.

6 Facts The lack of public knowledge about Financial Planning

March 10, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

In 2013 the Financial Services Authority issued a survey in 27 provinces with 8,000 respondents about financial literacy. The result shows Indosia public understanding of financial products is still relatively low. Here are three facts about the lack of financial literacy survey of Indonesian society is described by the FSA as our insurance below:

1. The banking sector

There are still many Indonesian people who do not have bank accounts. Based on survey results turned out to only 22% of our society who are aware of banking products, and among those who already understand the new 57% who are used to using banking services.

2. Insurance Industry

Understanding of the insurance sector by the public even lower when compared to the banking sector. Only 18% of people are familiar with insurance products and among which only 12% were aware that become insurance customers.

3. Sector Pawnshop

This sector is less popular in the community, so that only 15% who understand product utilization rate mortgage with only 5%.

4. Financing Institutions

Sector financial institutions is actually quite popular, especially in the lower middle income people who are not familiar with banking products. But in fact only 10% of respondents who claimed to understand the products financial institutions and 6% of them are using the products and services of this institution.

5. Pension Fund

Only about 7% of people who are aware of this product and the new 2% of them are concerned with taking this pension fund products.

6. Capital Markets

Investment capital market is still limited to a dream for most people when seen FSA survey which found that only 4% of the 8,000 respondents who claimed to understand the stock market and the new 1% of them are using it.

Owner lowest Indonesian Health Insurance in Asia

March 09, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Based on the survey results of the Investor Sentiment Index shows Indonesian investors have private health insurance are at the lowest position in the region, namely the top 32 percent of the average of 48 percent in Asia. Of investors who currently have health insurance, only 46 percent are planning to buy or renew their protection during retirement. To obtain more detailed information regarding insurance products can be seen in www.asuransikita.co.id

The figure is lower than the average in the region. While as many as 61 percent of Indonesian investors choose to rely on public health services when they retire. There are still many Indonesian investors who do not consider the possibility of deteriorating health in retirement. It is based on the results of a survey on the belief that good health by Indonesian investors who reached 76 percent.

This figure is higher than the average of other Asian countries public confidence that only stands at 49 percent. Optimism their health condition is not consistent with the valuation World Health Organization (WHO or World Health Organization). Most Indonesian people still want ekerja up to age 67 years)

Previous WHO said the majority of Indonesia’s population over the age of 15 years face the health risks associated with tobacco consumption. As for men 67 percent greater tendency to dibandikan women who only stands at 3 percent.

Figures trend in men’s health problems in Indonesia two times greater than the average number of health trends in the region. While the second biggest health problems for over 25 years of age is high blood pressure. At 33 percent, while the tendency of men to women as much as 29 percent more evident.

As is known, Investor Sentiment Index survey conducted quarterly to measure and track the views of investors in seven countries in the region. The survey respondents was that occupies the middle class to upper class, who are over 25 years old. They also became the main decision makers in the financial matters in the household and also has investment products

Why Private Insurance Less Interest?

March 09, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Although awareness to join an insurance program for most people, Indonesia is still low, but the growth in this sector is still promising. Under the regulation and supervision of the Financial Services Authority, the insurance industry is expected to grow in a healthy and a major contribution to growth in other areas.

In general insurance products on the market is divided into two products, namely the government insurance and private insurance. If the observed growth of private insurance products relatively less attractive to the public. This has become one of the major challenges for insurers. Why private insurance products less attractive? Following a review of www.asuransikita.co.id:

Convoluted process
Private insurance is to apply the principle of strict selection for prospective customers, especially health insurance, one of the most important is the examination of the track record of the disease. This is a major concern of private insurance are very keen in doing the calculations of risk to the protection of health insurance on a prospective customer. You can compare with government insurance products, BPJS so easily when performing the registration process participants.

Cost expensive
Healthy is expensive, to protect against health risks are also relatively expensive. This applies also to the private insurance products. Though most of the people who really need this protection, and based on data from the Ministry of Health in 2012, only 2.48 percent of the population is registered as a private health insurance product customers

Product not touch most of the needs of the community
Private insurance companies is selective in issuing product. Only products that are expected to grow profitably have to be opened. One of the products that are actually much needed community that conventional individual health insurance products from private insurance companies typically do not provide assurance outpatient or critical illness treatment.

Have you joined the insurance program? If you do not learn more at our website now also

Understand Outline New Rules Insurance Premium Rate of the Financial Services Authority

March 09, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Financial Services Authority (FSA) as the holder of oversight and regulatory functions for all types of financial industry, including insurance premium rates begin to apply the new rules for the insurance industry. Insurance companies are expected to understand and run it well. Expected no company around this by changing the policy agreement to romance customers with cheaper premiums before the new guidelines applicable insurance rates. The new rates will take effect the insurance which began in February 2014 is property insurance, motor vehicle insurance, and catastrophic risk.

Here’s grille New Rules Insurance Premium Rates can you learn more details on the official website of the FSA:

Fire insurance and flood insurance effect February 1, 2014
Motor vehicle insurance valid January 1, 2014 with a transition period until February 28, 2014
Flood insurance premium rate set different standards according to the zoning area
Vehicle premium rates adjust the price of the car.
An increase in the cost of filing a claim from Rp300,000 to Rp200,000 be per claim.
Limits the maximum commission for marketing property insurance and flood insurance 15%, whereas 25% of motor vehicle insurance.
You need to be observant for flood insurance product. To note the terms and conditions that apply especially when there is a claim of risk from flooding. Do not be reckless for the flood hit, because if the vehicle is damaged as a result of this, your claim could potentially not be replaced. The process can be long floods claim more than a month so please be patient. In addition to protection against insurance, you also should have an emergency fund one to anticipate the actual risk in the insurance cover but the process is long as the risk of flooding above claims.

Technology from SAP Helps Customers Pamper Insurance Company

March 09, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Operational efficiency increasingly important for large companies who deal with many customers such as banking, telecom operators and insurance. Utilizing modern technology platform into the main solution that is now relied upon by many companies in various fields.

Recognizing the need for efficiency, the insurance companies have recently reported a series of hook-class technology solutions provider German corporation, SAP. SAP itself does have a product specifically for the corporate technology platform persahaan bergerang-company in the field of insurance, namely SAP Core Platform. Core SAP platform selected for the insurance company’s operational areas of Indonesia and Singapore. Operational efficiency carried out by using the SAP Core Insurance Platform is expected to improve service for customers.

SAP claims technology platform specifically for his insurance company that enables growth and innovation better with flexibility that can adapt business needs quickly. To compensate for the industry related to changes in customer requirements and regulations dynamic environment, in need of a solution that is flexible and scalable to meet the needs of customers both now and in the future.

SAP has an understanding of the insurance industry as well which is expected to be a key driver for the success of the insurance business. This is the main reason for choosing an insurance company software company headquartered in Weinheim, Germany as a partner.

Choosing insurance solutions for SAP applications is a significant strategic decision for insurance companies and as a principal investment in infrastructure so that it can assist the growth of the insurance industry itself. Are you already registered as the holder of the insurance policy? Enjoy all the convenience features that exist in SAP and continue to refer to the development of insurance in our insurance popular sites

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